• 2018 Gift Guide for RVer’s

    It’s that time of year again. Time to find the perfect gifts for the holidays. But what do you do if you have the toughest person in the world to buy for? What if your giftee lives in an RV?…

  • Fulltime and Missing Family

    What’s your biggest fear about going fulltime? I asked this question in our Facebook group today. So far, I've only gotten one response, the one I often see, breakdowns. For me it’s missing Family.

  • Crafting On The Road

    I’m equally handy with a glue gun and a circular saw and I love being able to work on any type of project that sparks my imagination at any given time.

  • RV slide roller trouble

    RV Slide Out Trouble

    On our trip last week, we got parked and leveled and went to put out our slides. Bedroom went out fine, the living room, not so much. The slide started out fine then all of a sudden there’s this grinding,…

  • fulltime rv

    Is Fulltime RV Living Right For You?

    E I see a lot of posts in my Facebook RV groups about going fulltime. Some are people like us who are getting ready to retire and want to see the country, some are traveling nurses or contractors who want…